"Walked up Game days"


The Club currently enjoys sporting rights to shoot game on 4 individual locations within 1 hours drive of Nottingham. In total an area in excess of 1400 acres. Whilst it has never been the aim of the Club to become a game shooting syndicate we do enjoy several organised walked up days throughout the appropriate season. Although we do release a small number of birds each year the majority of game taken is of wild stock. With this in mind a small charge is made to all participating on the day, these monies are then used the following season, along with the obligatory top up from Club funds, to release more birds and to assist in our Conservation efforts to improve the environment for both quarry and non-quarry species.

In general it is our Clubs policy to keep the releasing and feeding of game separate from our conservation efforts. When it comes to improving the environment however, the two go together ‘hand in glove’ and cannot be easily segregated.

We pride ourselves as having a good working relationship with both our Landlords and our neighbours and jealously guard the good name of our Club. Every effort is made to ensure that there is game available on the land we control for future generations and the enjoyment of all who wish to pursue it, be it with gun or camera!


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