"Pigeon Shooting"


The Club currently enjoys the rights to shoot on 6 individual locations within 1 hours drive of Nottingham. In total an area in excess of 2300 acres. Although we do not profess to be a pigeon control Club, the vast majority of our members join due to the Clubs unrestricted access for pigeon, corvid and rabbit shooting. No additional charge is made to any of our full members for these activities. We do insist, however, that each members is shown the boundary of any land and has proven to be competent, both with the safe handling of a weapon and with quarry identification, before they may venture out alone.

We are fortunate to shoot over have a variety of land, ranging from large, open, rolling fields to traditionally hedged and smaller divided areas of land. Also a wide variety of crops are cultivated which usually includes cereal crops, rape, linseed, peas and beans.

In recent years we have been lucky enough to be invited to attend organised roost shoots on a private estate. Our Club has been allocated several woods to cover over the allotted period. This again is available to all members although we are charged a nominal fee per member, which we recover from those participating.


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